A Broke Manís Guide to Buying Your Girlfriend Jewelry

Just because you're not the richest man in the world does not mean that you can't get your girlfriend some beautiful jewelry on her birthday, Mother's Day, Christmas, Valentine's Day, your anniversary or any other special occasion. The first gift that you will be getting your girlfriend is the gift of your consideration. There are many rich boyfriends that never remember any significant relationship dates. If you have a cell phone with a calender or an email account, you can easily set either of these things with a free calender reminder to get your girlfriend a gift a few days before a special day. Remembering the day is the first part of the gift, and that's free.

The next thing you have to take into account would be your budget. If you have less than $20 to spend on your girlfriend you can still get some nice jewelry. You want to look for items made in sterling silver. You can find rings and small earrings under $20 made in sterling silver. Your girlfriend can treasure these earrings for a long time because jewelry like this can be cleaned and restored. Unlike costume jewelry, sterling silver will last for a long time. If it turns, your girlfriend can clean it with an at-home kit or send it too professionals. It's best to take your girlfriend's style into account. Some women like a little color in their jewelry, so you might want to make sure a gemstone is featured in the sterling silver jewelry that you buy for your girlfriend. If your girlfriend is more conservative, you might want to get her some plain sterling silver jewelry, or jewelry with only pearl, crystal, jet or onyx gemstones featured.

If $20 is out of your budget for getting your girlfriend jewelry, the next best thing that you can do is to visit the thrift store and see if you can find any vintage jewelry that has been priced under value. For example some thrift stores put all of their jewelry in a one-priced bin. If you take the time to go through the bin, you might find some genuine sterling silver jewelry inside. You can take that jewelry home and clean it with a jewelry cleaning kit you purchase from your local drugstore. This is a very simple way to find some cheap jewelry that your girlfriend will treasure. Sterling silver jewelry will be stamped with an SS.

If you don't have a lot of money to buy jewelry it is still not a good idea to buy gold tone or silver tone jewelry. Some of this jewelry can cause allergic reactions for some women. It can also change colors within a short period of time. There are some forms of gold tone and silver tone jewelry that are guaranteed to last for a long time. Gold filled is an example of this. It is okay to purchase your girlfriend a gift that is gold-filled.

The last way that you can save money buying jewelry is to buy an item of costume jewelry for your girlfriend that is made with plastic or gemstone beads and parts, no fake gold or silver except in the clasp. You can go to your local bead shop and have a jewelry designer that works there add a sterling silver or gold filled clasp or ear wires to the piece to make a lasting gift item for your girlfriend. You will have to pay for the clasp or ear wires, but you might be able to get simple ones under $5 and you can get your costume jewelry from the thrift store or a low priced trendy store.
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