A Man's Guide to Wearing Rings: How many is to many?

Jewelry has been used throughout the various different ages as a means to establish classes. Women and men have both adorned themselves with various forms of jewelry including rings. For men though, the use of rings has varied throughout our history. At one point rings were used to seal documents with a sigma that represented a particular household. At another point in our history during the Middle Ages, men who were of lower classes were actually forbidden to wear rings. The Renaissance period also introduced rings that had the various family coat of arms that were worn by men. It wasn’t though really until the 1950’s that men actually started to wear rings, traditionally the wedding band. So how though does a man know how many and what types of rings are appropriate to wear?


Today, most men limit the amount of rings that he wears to one ring, usually his wedding band. It can be a band of any metal of choice, gold, silver or platinum. Most men however keep the band a simple plain style of choice. Most men wedding bands do not normally contain precious stones. Although having a wedding band with precious stones is not frowned upon, since the wedding band actually represents something that is approved of in most societies.

Sometimes, men who work in positions that require them to appear well-off, can wear rings that contain precious stones to give or enhance their look. However be aware that many societies actually frown upon men who display their wealth by the use of rings. Other means such as watches, cuff links, money-clips etc are used to enhance and establish status for men.

However, having more than one ring can be acceptable for men to wear. As previously mentioned, during the Renaissance period, many men wore rings with their family coat of arms. This can be equivalent today to a fraternity or school ring. If a man chooses to he can also in addition to his wedding ban wear his fraternity or school ring and not be frowned upon. Our society does recognize the symbolic values of such rings. One of the major differences though between men and women, is that men don’t customarily change out their rings. Men should keep this in mind when they decide to wear more than one ring.

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