Aboriginal Jewelry

Your fashion statement speaks as loud as you let it ring, and nothing screams louder than quality tribal jewelry. The person who wears ethnic or tribal jewelry also expresses his or her knowledge and appreciation for multi-cultural affairs and an admiration for all things global. And with the depth and diversity this great planet has to offer, be sure to keep an open mind for bangles and baubles from every corner of the world. Perhaps one of the most defining and easy to recognize works of art are the aboriginal jewelry selections from Australia and New Zealand.

Reflective of Polynesian art, the aboriginal style jewelry can be simple to down right dynamic, with color and textural designs befitting for casual or formal wear. The predominate color for the metal works is silver, the color the islanders believed to represent refinement and purity. The silver structures may be found in gently twisting arches or spread across a wide surface area for eye catching drama. Whether you choose to wear a single and alluring piece of aboriginal silver jewelry or elect to deck yourself out in an entire ensemble, you are sure to turn every head in the room.

Aboriginal jewelry art also favors organically made stones and materials, often fashioned into meaningful images for each tribe. Materials such as wood, bones, feathers and leather are commonly crafted into unique and artistic representation of the stars, boomerangs, fish, birds and four-legged friends from the Bush. The common denominator with most aboriginal jewelry selections is a clean, stream link design splashed with color and an endless imagination for originality and flair.

Aboriginal jewelry makes a great hobby for those who like to collect things. The joy of collecting this type of handmade jewelry art is that you can almost guarantee that there will be no two pieces alike. Aboriginal jewelry art is as unique as your own fingerprints and can provide a lifetime of fun searching out your next exotic piece. And the best news is that almost all of this dazzling jewelry collection can be worn together for a mix and match ensemble. Although each individual piece is a signature creation, the aboriginal jewelry art has a way of all flowing together.
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