Extreme Body Modification Jewelry: Rings and Other Things


Funny story.  For several years during my twenties I had both my ears as well as my left eyebrow pierced.  One day at a family reunion my extremely astute 4 year-old cousin, who had not seen me in six months, pointed to my face and asked “Where’s all the metal?”  So I squatted down to meet his eye level and told him I took them all out.  “How come?” he asked. I told him that I just didn’t think they looked cool anymore, at which point he mustered all the genius and honesty that a 4 year-old can muster, looked me straight in the eyes and said “Oh…you mean you grew up!”

For thousands of years, long before “looking cool” was even a concept, cultures around the world have been piercing their bodies with various forms of jewelry for a variety of reasons.  For some it demonstrated their class within a tribe, for others it was a method for connecting their souls to the spirit world.  Today’s reasons for body piercing aren’t too dissimilar from our ancient ancestors.  Filling one’s face with metal is seen as a means of self-expression, to stand out from the rest.  The pain associated with piercing has been described as an exciting, pleasurable, and even spiritual experience.  Both pierced and piercers alike consider body modification an art, and the skin is their canvas.  The following is a collection of people who’ve taken puncturing themselves with epidermal jewelry to the next level.  My only hope is that they never stop thinking they look cool, and that they never run into my little cousin.

Luke, help me take my mask off.  Let me look on you, with my own eyes.

Personal Ad:  I’m 6’2”, brown hair, green eyes, I use a litter box and I’m addicted to catnip.  Looking for someone who owns a laser-pointer to scratch under my chin and to polish my face whiskers.  I’m a biter.

For anyone interested in crazy body modifications of the gruesomest kind, you should check out this incredible documentary called “Modify.”  Not for the weak of heart, the film features everything from tongue splitting surgeries and jewellery piercings to devil horn implants and full body tattoos.  Interviews with some of the world’s most hard core body modifiers like The Lizardman and the Stalking Cat help to answer the question we boring folk can’t help but wonder: “Why the f$%k would anyone do that to themselves?”       

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