How to Match the Right Precious Stone Jewelry with Your Outfits

Many people adorn themselves with various forms of jewels. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, anklet, pendants, earrings and more have been used to not only establish the class and status a person has in their society, but also to enhance a person’s clothing and their features. How though does someone go about matching the right stones and jewelry to their wardrobe and features? Following these simple steps when choosing what to wear will make matching your jewelry easier with each outfit.

The first step you need to do is to review and note all the colors that are in your outfit. Do you want to match all the colors you are wearing or do you just want to bring out one of the colors in your wardrobe. After determining what color you want to enhance examine what type of precious stones you have available and the various color schemes of your necklaces and earrings or other jewelry you wish to wear.

The next step would be to view the various different sizes of your jewelry. For example if you are choosing to wear a brooch, and are younger, you want to wear a smaller brooch usually below the shoulder. For older people you can wear a larger brooch around the waste line to enhance it, if the brooch won’t interfere with a belt.

If you are looking to wear earrings, and you outfit enhances your long neck, then you can wear dangling earrings. You can also enhance your long neck line with a longer necklace. If you have a shorter neck, you will want to stick to smaller earrings or studs, but you can still wear a longer necklace with a pendant. Longer necklaces go well with darker color outfits. And in particular diamonds enhance the color black.

The last step you want to keep in mind is that certain colors enhance each other. If you are person with light brown hair and a nice completion, brown, orange or light pastel green and blues are best suited for you. Try to avoid black or dark blue stones and instead wear turquoise, amethyst or sapphires.

If you have blonde hair and like to wear grey or light color suites, you will want to wear diamonds or rubies. Most people with blonde hair have light color skins so you will want to stay away from oranges or yellow stones that won’t match you skin tone.

If you have auburn hair and brown and green eyes you will enhance these features with yellow or amber color stones. Wear warm color tones for your clothing and avoid blacks and darker color blues.

Lastly if you have darker hair and a paler complexion you will want to wear silver and white gold, with diamonds or rubies for your precious stones. You can also wear bright colors, and look well in black white clothing also.

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