Things You Didn't Know About Championship Rings

There is nothing more prized to a professional sports player than wining a championship, which is why championship rings are the proud trophies players can wear to honor their hard work throughout a season. Players receive player rings, which are personalized with their name and number. Championship rings are among some of the most elaborate and flashy jewelry items out there that look like they could have been designed by Liberace himself. Following are some fun facts about championship rings for all you avid sports fans out there. Enjoy!

First NFL Championship Ring

The first championship ring to ever be made for players by the team was for the 1922 NFL World Champions: the New York Giants.

NFL Coach With Most Championship Rings

Mike Woicik has six Super Bowl rings, which is more than any player or head coach in NFL history.

First NHL Stanley Cup Championship Ring

The first Stanley Cup championship rings dates back to 1893, (the first year of the Stanley Cup) won by the Montreal AAA’s.

NBA Player With Most Championship Rings

Bill Russell is the NBA player with the most NBA championship rings with an astounding 11 rings in13 seasons, played between the periods of 1957-1969.
Biggest Most Expensive Championship Ring

The 2003 Florida Marlins World Series Ring is the largest WS ring ever made- weighing seventy grams, (3 1/2-ounces). The ring is made of14-karat white gold, which have 18-karat gold inserts. It features 13 rubies and 229 diamonds, including a rare teal one to represent the eye of a marlin leaping through the team’s logo.

The ring is so enormous that it includes the name, number and position of each player, as well as the team’s regular-season record (91-71); a picture of the World Series trophy and the results of each postseason series against the San Francisco Giants (3-1), Chicago Cubs (4-3) and New York Yankees (4-2). Each ring retailed for about $40,000.

Quirkiest Championship Ring Story

Former Pittsburgh Steeler, Brenden Stai, earned his ring in his rookie year (1995) and reported the ring stolen in 2000. Nine years later, Cash 4 Gold, an online company that pays customers for their unwanted jewelry and scrap gold came across the ring, got in touch with local Florida law enforcement and learned that the ring had belonged to the former NFL lineman. Stai couldn’t believe his ears when he heard the ring was found. For years he had heard different stories regarding the ring’s whereabouts. “A fan of mine called the Jacksonville front office and told them that somebody was using my ring to come off as me” Stai told the Associated Press. Apparently someone in Jacksonville had been posing as him, using the ring to pick up women and extort money from older people.
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