What Women Think of Men Who Wear Earrings?

What do women think of men who wear earrings? Like anything else, it’s a matter of taste (or is that tolerance?) All responses, of course are variations of approval or disapproval. Like much of society's questions, the answer to this one hasn’t changed. It just depends on who she is and the culture in which she was raised.

Some of the many responses:

“I don’t think about them much. It’s up to the guy if he wants to wear them or not.”

“Personally, I hate it. I don’t like any jewelry on men except maybe the wedding ring and that’s optional.”

“I think one is sexy. Still trying to get used to men wearing two.”

“YUCK. Imagine what that would look like at age 60.”

“I think it’s smokin’ hot IF he thinks it’s smokin’ hot”

“I’m NOT big on them and Harrison Ford looks uncool in them.”

“If he can pull it off, it’s cool.”

Women have a variety of different opinions when it comes to ear jewelry on guys. If you're a guy that likes to sport earrings, then you will have to ask yourself what kind of girl you're looking for. If you like an open minded girl, then chances are she'd be accepting of your earrings. But if you want a conservative and simple lady, your earring style might literally scare or disgust someone like this. There are just as many ladies that love a guy in earrings as there are women that don't. To decide what all women think is virtually impossible. As a guy it's best to determine what you think based on the type of girl you like and what you feel about yourself. Let's look at the lady's ideas that both like and dislike earrings on guys.


There are many reasons that women find men in earrings attractive. One of the main reasons is that it makes men look confident for many reasons. Some women feel that a man that wears and earring is confident in his manhood. Some women feel that he is in touch with his sensitive side and that he is also compassionate. There are others that just see it as a rebellious behavior that conveys confidence and passion. Most women that feel like earrings on a man signify confidence seem to feel that two earrings is even better than one. These women are usually the most open-minded of all. There are some women that will accept one earring, while not being overly open-minded. But two diamond stud earrings can be too much for women that are in the middle of the road. Most women agree that a small or large diamond, diamond-like, black or silver stud is just about all any man should wear. You can probably get away with some blue, but you probably shouldn't get too crazy. Larger studs are more accepted for guys that like to wear hip hop fashions and smaller studs and other earrings work better for other guys.

Another accepted style of earrings for guys is the stretched ear hole with a gauge. This is an edgier look. The ear hole is stretched in a traditional African method. A donut type of device is worn in the hole after it is stretched way out. You will usually only see this style of earring on guys that like the rock and roll, metal or tattooed look.


Women that hate earrings on men, hate them for obvious reasons. These women feel like guys that wear earrings or stretched gauge donuts that have tattoos and an edgy look, look dirty unhygienic. Some women don't like them for religious reasons. Many religions dictate that women shouldn't dress as men and men shouldn't dress as women. Other women just feel that it makes men look feminine plain and simple. They feel that it makes them look homosexual and weaker. It is not always true that men that wear earrings are homosexual, but it is a popular misconception.
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