Canadian Ice has set a new benchmark for Canadian diamonds. Our new standards of excellence far exceed that of the current Canadian diamond market. Our knowledge, innovation, styling, and most of all, passion for jewelry turns a Canadian diamond into a handcrafted work of art.

Our philosophy is quite simple, combine one of the best mined rough diamonds with master cutters to achieve one of the world’s finest diamonds… Canadian Ice

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With three cutting facilities around the world, each renowned for a specific cutting technique, our diamonds are finished with an unparalleled quality. Although we have the latest in robotic cutting technology, Canadian ice keeps with time honored methodology of the human touch for our final finish. This step allows our master cutters and polishers to transform a diamond into an intense fire of unmatched brilliance.There is only one mandate for all our cutters… cut our diamonds for the best possible finish. Compare and see the difference!
Canadian Ice Diamonds Collection
A stunning collection of premium engagement rings, featuring sparkling diamonds from the Canadian North.

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